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Founded by a group of can-do mothers during World War II, Hinsdale Community Preschool prepares to kick off a year-long celebration of its 75th anniversary. PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOEL LERNER

The History of Hinsdale Community Preschool The idea for a community nursery school was conceived in the spring of 1942. A meeting was called by Mrs. Eugene Kettering and attended by interested parents. Ms. McNamara, Superintendent of Elementary Public School Instruction, addressed the group on the need for a nursery school in the Hinsdale area to better prepare the children for kindergarten. Mrs. Rutherford and Mrs. Burgess then assumed responsibility for organizing the school.

In September of 1942, twenty children, ages 3 and 4, met in the dining room of the old Community House under the supervision of one teacher and two helpers.

The enrollment fee in September of 1942-1943 was $1.00 with tuition being set at $10.00 a month or $8.00 a month if a mother would give two mornings a week as a "mother's helper."

The school was incorporated as Hinsdale Community Nursery School, Inc. in 1948. It was then moved to the Unitarian Church basement. Enrollment had doubled and the group was split into two units forming the "Junior School" for 3 year old students and the "Senior School" for 4 year old students. The Junior School remained at the Unitarian Church while the Senior School occupied new quarters in the Memorial Building.

In September of 1956-57 the Hinsdale Community Nursery school moved into the Community House where it is currently housed.

75 years later, we continue to stay true to our roots and our educational mission that our founders began in the early 1940's. We are proud to have touched so many lives and to have provided excellent early education to so many young children over the past 75 years! We look forward to many more children walking through our preschool doors.

Upcoming Events


Week of Aug 24th
Garden Visits - Meet the Teacher

M-Th August 31 - Sept 4
Teacher Orientation & Room Set-up


Tuesday, Sep. 8, 6:30-8:30pm
Mandatory Parent Orientation & Curriculum Night for Just for Me Two parents and Junior's parents
6:30-7pm JFMT in Kettering Hall (1st floor)
7-8pm Parent Orientation, Kettering Hall (1st floor)
8-8:30pm Juniors in Kettering Hall (1st floor)

Wednesday, Sep. 9, 6:30-8:00pm
Mandatory Parent Orientation & Curriculum Night for Senior AM and Senior PM parents
6:30-7pm Seniors in Kettering Hall (1st floor)
7-8pm Parent Orientation, Kettering Hall (1st floor)

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