***Now Accepting Applications for our New 4 year old afternoon class!***
A Friday Morning Enrichment Class for 4-Year Old Preschoolers, 8:45-11:15am

Road Trip! Each month our students will visit a different state across the U.S.A. learning about social studies, geography, science, as well as art meeting the S.T.E.M standards for preschool.

Students journey across the U.S and "explore" different locations via books, maps, cuisine, videos and art, which are brought to life in the classroom. The Science activities will channel your child's enthusiasm in a high-energy, hands-on manner through age-appropriate experiments. They might learn about simple machines and make their own cars studying Michigan (Detroit), or create and then dig their own fossils learning about South Dakota's Bad Lands. The curriculum emphasizes the child's role as an active learner and experimenter, allowing students to learn by doing.

Children will be challenged and energized by this project-based class, learning by what they do best - play! The classes flow from one to another, such that a geography lesson on Florida's peninsula leads into a science lesson focusing on oceans and creating waves in a bottle.

Discovery Kids Explore America puts students in the driver's seat for the literacy portions of every class by engaging all their senses to aid in comprehension. This delivers a creative experience that not only fosters an appreciation for music, poetry, drama and rhyming in literature, but also helps children develop techniques for problem solving, conflict resolution and handling emotions. Additional activities challenge students to identify and comprehend important building block language skills such as word families, rhymes, and sight words. This class is project based and continues to focus on kindergarten readiness!

Upcoming Events


Week of Aug 24th
Garden Visits - Meet the Teacher

M-Th August 31 - Sept 4
Teacher Orientation & Room Set-up


Tuesday, Sep. 8, 6:30-8:30pm
Mandatory Parent Orientation & Curriculum Night for Just for Me Two parents and Junior's parents
6:30-7pm JFMT in Kettering Hall (1st floor)
7-8pm Parent Orientation, Kettering Hall (1st floor)
8-8:30pm Juniors in Kettering Hall (1st floor)

Wednesday, Sep. 9, 6:30-8:00pm
Mandatory Parent Orientation & Curriculum Night for Senior AM and Senior PM parents
6:30-7pm Seniors in Kettering Hall (1st floor)
7-8pm Parent Orientation, Kettering Hall (1st floor)

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