Open to students age 4 by January 1st
Mondays, 11:15am - 1:40pm (Lunch Included)

"Intellectually, art criticism introduces the process of logical and creative thinking"
La Petite Masters enrichment program is designed to develop and increase children's love for art and artistic expression though painting, sculpting, drawing and various other mediums. Children will develop a love of art through a variety of mediums as well as an appreciation and awareness of great artists from past and present. Included in this program will be opportunities for both informal and formal encounters with art.

Through their classroom experiences children will meet the fine arts and visual arts standards of the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards. Children will take what is useful to them and apply it to their everyday lives.

Through art explorations children will ignite their creativity and develop self-confidence and self-expression. They will develop the ability to aesthetically respond to various works of art, begin to develop a language for simple art terms, experience color, shape, texture each week using natural materials, as well as various mediums such as paint, clay, chalk, charcoal, waters colors;

Students will develop skills that include visual perception, critical thinking, language acquisition, vocabulary and problem solving. The will explore and appreciate the unique styles of various modern and impressionist painters such as Andrew Wyeth, Salvadore Dali, Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh and many others! A wonderful class to bring out the inner artist in your child!

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